“Fall For Me” – New Single

Another new single — Fall For Me — which I co-wrote with Adam Rossi.

We’ll be playing this song, as well as other new tunes, LIVE at Viracocha in San Francisco, CA on Sunday, March 8th, 2015. Super excited to be sharing the bill with the very talented Conner Snow & Lou Evans!

Tickets available at the door only. See you there!


NEW MUSIC – Dreaming

I’m very excited to release this new song — Dreaming — which I co-wrote with Adam Rossi.

We’ll be playing it LIVE at Viracocha in San Francisco, CA on Sunday, March 8th, 2015. Tickets available at the door only.


New Show, New Music!!!! Viracocha Show on Sunday, March 8th

I am SO excited to share a ton of new music at my first show of 2015!!! I’ve been working on some new songs with Adam Rossi – and very excited to finally play them live. Not to mention, I’m sharing the stage with two INCREDIBLY talented singer/songwriters - Lou Evans & Conner Snow. This show is going to be insane – Hope to see you there!!!

March 8 2015 Viracocha

Stay tuned, I’ll be releasing sneak peeks of the new tracks before the show…

Singer/Songwriter by night, and by day…

A Voice Teacher! Most of you know this already, but a large part of my life is devoted to the development of Songbird Studios. I’ve been teaching voice for years now, and Niall & I are proud to be building what we feel is an incredible community of singers here in San Francisco.


For more information, visit songbirdsf.com.

Catching up!

It’s been a pretty incredible year, and I have been so overwhelmed – it’s been hard to keep up here! Niall & I were married on September 13th, which I have to say (yes, I know its cliche) was one of the best days of my life (yet!). We were surrounded by our close friends an family, and tied the knot at Arista Winery in Sonoma County, CA.


I’m looking forward to 2015 — I have some new music that I can’t wait to share! As well as some really exciting shows. Hope to see you soon!


It’s that time of year…

The holidays are upon us! Can you believe it??? To get you in the mood, take a listen to these…

“Pass Me a Drink (It’s Christmas)” written by myself & Adam Rossi. A slightly more quirky and sarcastic celebration of the season:

Cover of Silent Night - arr. by myself & Adam Rossi.

Buy them online now at iTunes or Bandcamp!

Napa City Nights 2013

So excited to be playing Napa City Nights again this year! We’re going out with a full band, including Shelby Grolig on vocals, Adam Rossi on synth/keys, Ash Thursday on bass & Mike Stevens on drums.

Show starts at 6pm and we go on around 7:15. More information online at http://napacitynights.com.

Hope to see you there!

100 Strong – Official Music Video

Today I’m releasing my BRAND NEW music video for my song 100 Strong, the title track from my debut album!

Buy “100 Strong” now on iTunes.

Director and Editor – Bianca Crampton
Director of Photography – Karli McAllister
Hair & Makeup by Lena Chavez
Special Thanks to Niall David

100 Strong – the Music Video Shoot!

A sneak peak from the video shoot we just had this past weekend for ‘100 Strong.’ Official release in January 2013, stay tuned…Special Thanks to all those who made it happen! Karli McAllister, Bianca Crampton, Lena Chavez & Niall David!

SF MusicTech Conference


Highlights from the SF MUSIC TECH:

Pandora Founder, Tim Westergren. Mr. Westergren argued passionately against what he calls the current ‘discrimination against internet radio.’ Pandora is currently heavily involved in a battle over the royalty rate paid out from their internet radio service. He says the financial market is so hostile that it is suffocating the internet ratio movement – which is ultimately going to hurt artists. Unfortunately, this battle has been playing out in sound bites, says Tim, and it can sometimes be painted to seem that Pandora is anti-artist. Mr. Westergren earnestly said that he believes even though the process may be a painful one, that years down to road people will look back and see that Pandora has always cared hugely about the artist.

Another of my favorite panels was the “Artist Revenue Streams” panel, featured Jean Cook, co-manager and Director of Programs at the Future of Music Coalition. The FMC has done an earnings breakdown of the various income streams of a working musician. Professional folk artist, Erin Mckeown participated in this study as well, and spoke in the panel on her own musician income streams. The FMC identified a total of 42 main income streams for today’s musicians. I would encourage every musician, artist and creator in this industry to check out their study – online at money.futureofmusic.org – and see how they fit in. This panel was particularly interesting as an artist, because it proves in detail that there is a variety of ways to earn a living in the music world. There is room for all of us and we can decide what our income ‘pie’ ultimately looks like.

An informative, empowering and inspiring day at the SF Music Tech Conference – and if you missed it, don’t despair! They happen twice a year, so stay posted at their website, http://www.sfmusictech.com/ and I’ll see you there next time around!